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Introducing the All-in-1 China Market Entry Solution

Starting a business in China may result in a complex mission for foreign companies that are not familiar with China local Laws and foreign direct investment regulations. A deep knowledge of the Law is needed to successfully complete a company setup in China. As a result, FDI China has introduced the All-in-1 China market entry package for international SMEs.

What your business gets…

  • Have a legal entity in China

  • Can start a business activity in 1 month
  • Can hire local and foreign staff

  • Can make profits and invoice in China
  • Can repatriate funds to home country

  • Can sign contracts

  • Long-term licensing (15 to 30 years)

  • Autonomous & legally liable

  • First visa processing for all staff
  • Can protect IP in China

  • Office space in chosen location
  • Issue and receive payments
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How does it work?

Our complete market entry package satisfies all foreign companies wishing to start a business activity in China. It enables foreign companies to save a large amount of time and allows your human workforce to focus on developing your business, instead of administrating bureaucratic procedures.

FDI China hires and legally administrates your staff during the first stage while managing your China company set-up procedure. Once the set-up is finalized, FDI China will transfer all the employment relationship to your new established entity.

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