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Payroll and tax solutions managed by a local expert

As everyone working in China discovers, the country operates complex financial, payroll and taxation systems, which differs from those in other countries in many ways.

For example, there is a complex Individual Income Tax (IIT) system which differs for local and expat employees. There is also a multi-tiered social contribution system. Domestic employees must make a number of different social insurance contributions (such as housing, unemployment, maternity, work-related injury, medical and pension), which vary by region. And foreign employees must also contribute for local social insurance, regardless of whether they are covered internationally. Keeping up to date with the system can be tough!

Many companies choose to lighten the burden of dealing with this by using a payroll service company. FDI China is a leading provider of payroll services for businesses in China, with many years’ experience dealing with all sizes and scales of company payroll.

payroll and tax solutions cina

We handle all HR, while you focus on your business.

  • Monthly salary calculation and delivery.

  • Individual Income Tax (IIT), social insurances and housing fund calculation & deduction.

  • Business expenses claim & submission.

  • Annual & monthly report of all taxes contributions.

  • Employee payroll data maintenance.

Payroll outsourcing with FDI China – an easy solution to a complex system

Payroll and tax solutions advantages

There are many advantages to using FDI China’s payroll and tax solutions:

  • We will manage all payroll and employee tax on your behalf, leaving you free to focus on other business.
  • Save yourself the cost and complexity of establishing an internal HR payroll team.
  • We are fully up to date with the latest laws and regulations. The fiscal and taxation environment in China changes often and it is vital to stay current.
  • FDI China has strong relations with local tax authorities and can assist with inquiries where necessary.
  • We can help you plan and structure salary packages for both locals and expats.
  • FDI China has a mature system to proceed and protect your payroll data.

Full set packaged solution

We offer a full set of payroll and tax solutions, including:

  • All registration as required with local tax bureaus.
  • Full calculation of payroll tax. Monthly salary and IIT calculation and submission for all staff on payroll (domestic and foreign).
  • Annual declarations to authorities as needed for various taxes and benefits.
  • Dealing with all social security and insurance payments and costs.
  • Ensure updated policies application.
  • Handling employee expenses claims, payments and appropriate bonuses.
  • Commercial insurance upon request.

Outsourcing HR and payroll

FDI China can either administer the payroll and taxes on behalf of a Chinese registered company (but the company remains the employer and is legally responsible for employees) or we can combine with our employer of record services and fully manage the recruitment and employment of staff as well as their payroll and tax.

How much of your HR, payroll and tax solutions functions to outsource is entirely up to you. Small companies often enjoy the advantages of not being considered about HR and tax administration whilst still in the early stages of setup and growth in China. As a company grows it may choose to move more of these function in house, still benefiting from good advice and setup obtained at the outset. Whatever stage you are, get in touch to discuss further.

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