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What is the China annual tax return?

Effective January 1st 2019, residents of China (foreign residents included) must submit the China annual tax return filing between March 1st and June 30th following the end of the tax year, which in China is in March, after Chinese New Year. The application involves calculating income, remunerations and royalties obtained and then deducting the tax paid in advance, calculating the refundable or supplementary tax payable, reporting to the tax authorities and making tax settlement

When can I file for annual tax return?

Between March 1st and June 30th following the end of the tax year, after Chinese New Year.

Do I need to submit my annual tax return?

Yes. Unless you fit one of the following conditions:

a. You are a non-residents who has resided in China for less than 183 days

b. You are a resident whose annual income does not exceed 120,000 CNY

c. You are a resident whose annual tax return does not exceed 400 CNY

Why should I submit my annual tax return and what are the penalties?

If you fails to submit your annual tax return, you may be subject to a fine of varying severity based on tax withheld and it may be recorded in your personal tax credit file.

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