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ICP License & Commercial ICP License

To host a website on a server in Mainland China, individual and enterprise applicants must apply for an ICP License (‘Bei’an’ in Chinese) from MIIT. Obtaining an ICP filing number means your website is verified and allowed to be accessed in Mainland China. Corporate websites with the purpose of generating income or providing a platform for others to generate income must apply for an ICP filing.

ICP License

• Can only be used for informational purposes and not for generating revenue. (example: a portfolio, customer support, etc)

Eligible entities: Joint ventures, wholly foreign owned enterprises, and 100% Chinese-owned companies.

Commercial ICP License

• Generate revenue (example: e-commerce) or providing a platform for others to generate income (example: Airbnb, UpWork).

Eligible entities: Chinese-owned enterprises and joint ventures that are at least 50% Chinese owned.

ICP Filing Procedure