China HR Services

Recruitment, Payroll & EOR

FDI China's Human Resources services for companies hiring employees or running HR operations in China.

HR Services in China

Hire & pay your employees with FDI China

FDI China offers HR services in China for companies in and outside of China. Our Employer of record service and recruitment services are available to overseas companies with an interest in hiring remote employees in China.

Hire temporary or long term employees in China without having to set up a local entity in China.

Outsource your payroll ops. Paying your employees and their mandatory benefits. View all details on our payroll portal.

china recruitment


Find & hire the best talents in China. We shortlist the most qualified candidates for you and assist with the hiring process.

Staffing in China

From recruitment to employment outsourcing.

A full suite of HR services for all business in China. FDI China’s staffing services handles recruitment as well as employment compliance on your behalf. With our solution you don’t need to have a company on the ground in China to manage a team anymore.

What is a staffing agency?

A staffing agency is a company that will hire professionals on another company’s behalf and act as the employer of record. Taking on all the legal responsibilities of employment in the country.