China Free Trade Zones

The best and most beneficial places to register a trading company in China for tax cuts.

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Register a Trading Company (WFOE) in a Free Trade Zone in China

A Free Trade Zone (FTZ) is an economic zone where companies can operate under special policies meant to promote and benefit import, export and trade in general. FTZs in China allow for a faster and more streamlined customs process and offer vast space for warehousing, supply chain management, procurement and distribution and handling. Trading companies (WFOEs) registered in these special economic ones are exempt from paying tax duties on the initial importation of goods into China and pay a lower corporate income tax of 15%. Import duties are due when the trade goods leave the FTZ, drastically smoothing out cash-flow for companies.

  • Import Tax Exemption

  • Lower Corporate Tax Rate

  • Transport Infrastructure

  • Free Foreign Exchange

  • WFOEs Welcomed

  • Fast VAT Rebate

  • No Extra Costs

  • Virtual Address Provided

Free Trade Zone locations in China